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Frameworks for Learning with Digital Technologies

Evaluate how we are incorporating technology into our instructional practice.  This site provides us with a variety of videos to help us grow as technology does.

The TPACK Model seeks to help educators integrate three aspects of effective instruction:  technology use, content knowledge, and pedegogical knowledge.  

Tools for Learning

Here students can speak into their phones and be instantly be transformed into STARS!  Autorap helps students with writing struggles communicate effectively.  Teachers can use it too to share ideas and information in a creative way. Currently for all Android devices.

FREE interactive organizer.  Let students create their own graphic models of their thinking.  Popplet is available for ipad and computers.

Visuwords is an online graphic dictionary and thesaurus that helps develop word knowledge.  Word relationships are illustrated by the color and pattern of the link between words.

Place all of your class materials on one visually appealing page.  Give your students easy access to texts, videos, organizers, assignments on a single digital page.   Blendspace is simple to use adn does not require a password for your students.  What a tool!

Remove barriers to information and idea in test.  Natural Reader is a quick and free text-to-speech tool to use for students who need it.

Illuminations was designed to support the NCTM standards for mathematics. This website offers interactive tools to facilitate exploration of math concepts.

Need more than Powerpoint?  Use Prezi.  This free site lets you create a digital canvas which lets you show relationships among ideas and make visually engaging presentations.  

Apply principles of universal design by using computer-based graphic organizers.  The UDL tech. kit has loads of organizers for students to develop and use.  Printable, too!

Text is not enough.  Viocethread lets students submit their learning through audio.  They can do it from home.  With Voicethread, teachers can also put audio to text and images.  Groups can even create a thread using speech. 

Students can use the the interactive note taker to record ideas and informations in ways that makes sense to them.  

With Storybird, learners can imagine their own stories and compliment them with a choice of illustrations.  

Want an easy and friendly place to store your online resources?  Give Symbaloo a try.  Symbaloo allows you to place all of your favorite sites onto one visually pleasing screen.  Improve student access to the online materials you use in class.  

Remove barriers.  Use Vocaroo to easily record your voice. You can then embed the recording or send it in an email.

Vocaroo is an effective and personal way to communicate.  

Here you can easily save all of your lesson materials for your class.  Students can access these materials when they need...even at home.  Edmodo also lets students submit their work in many forms.  

Quill is a free online tool which helps students understand how sentences are constructed.  Quill offers opportunities for students to construct various types of sentences and keep track of their progress toward clear writing.

Click here if you want to check out great iPad tools for learning.  This page provides suggestions for Engagement, Multiple Means of Representation, and Multiple Means of Expression.  

Cut and paste anything on your screen, annotate with a digital pen and your voice, then share.  Awesome!

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