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In this video, researcher Jay McTighe reminds us what it's like to struggle and what elements are needed to reach a goal.

We know that it's hard to reach a goal if we don't know what it is.


Determine what makes a valuable learning goal and how to commuhnicate it with your learners. Publication from ASCD.

Setting Clear Learning Goals

Quick and easy from CAST.  Use this advice when you are thinking about helping students or adults reach a goal.  There is nothing better than helping others get to where they need to go!  

Watch and listen to this teacher as he shares his thoughts about considering all three UDL principles equally when planning.  

RSA animates Daniel Pink's fascinating research on what drives us to engage and produce their best work.  This is a worthwhile video to consider for and with your staff.  

Looking for a way into UDL practices?  Try a few of these engagement strategies designed to support deep thinking.  From Facing History and Ourselves.

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