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Are you interested in how the principles of UDL can support school improvement?  Check out Universally Designed Leadership from experts Katie Novak and Kristan Rodriguez.

We are all teachers.  As you plan your next meeting or presentation, consider the Presenter's Guidelines to ensure good communication and great learning.

This site shows connection between the Danielson Framework for Teaching and Universal Design for Learning.  Discover how to impprove the elements of Danielson through the use of UDL.

As your staff develops understanding of UDL and what it looks like in the classroom or the PLC room, use the UDL Guidelines from CAST.  The Guidelines "look-for" criteria can help direct a conversation, keep what is working, change what is not, and enhance the learning experience of all.

Watch these principals from Montgomery County, Maryland share their insights from using UDL to support students learning.  

Stepping Stones

Looking for high-quality professional learning opportunities?  The Stepping Stones provide engaging sessions for staff that can be used in faculty meetings, department meetings, or PLC's.  Each session lasts about 30 - 45 minutes and can be adapted for your audience.

Use them all or just try one!

Identify the principles of UDL and make connections between curerent effective instruction and principles of UDL.  Non-threatening and engaging for all teachers.  This Stepping Stone can be used to organize extended learning groups.

Watch and analyze a teacher's moves as she uses the principles of UDL to push learning forward.  

Dissect lesson plans and work in teams to strengthen them using the UDL Guidelines.  Includes content from ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Learn how to plan with UDL in mind!

Focus on how we can and should routinely give specific types of feedback in order to increase student success.  This Stone also directly connects to issues of diversity and engagement for all.  

Includes text, optinal video, and use of the IF/THEN thinkng routine to foster discussion.


Rediscover the motivational techniques that our students need to connect with the curriculum and their goals.  Based upon ASCD materials.  This Stepping Stone can be developed into an extended learning group focus.

See the power of a protocol in action.  We know part of learning is found in healthy, safe discussion.  But how can we create the right conditions?  Enter the Microlab!

Experience how it feels to go through a "thinking routine and discuss its benefits for all students in all level classes.  Highlight the need for thinking routines to engage the disengaged.  


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