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Three Simple Questions

Recently, I worked with a team of teachers who wished to explore the UDL Guidelines, a worthwhile endeavor, for sure. Like myself, they got lost in all of the ideas and suggestions that the Guidelines offered. They needed grounding to keep them on a productive path. So, we stopped for a moment to center ourselves on what’s real: creating a great lesson.

I posed three simple questions:

  • Why would students want to care about my lesson? (Engagement)

  • In what ways can I present ideas and information to my students? (Representation)

  • In what ways can I allow my students to work with the content? (Action and Expression)

As we proceeded to venture back into the UDL Guidelines, we found ourselves understanding the guidelines more readily and great conversations were sparked as a result.

When you are planning, keep in mind these three questions. You might be surprised how quickly you’ve created a great lesson!

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