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This protocol can be used flexibly to look for UDL in a wide range of settings such as in a classroom, classroom video, faculty meeting, campus tour, lesson planning session, and more! Use this protocol accompanied with the UDL guidelines to help you “look for” UDL in action.

This tool assists a team to identify basic UDL principles in action.  Choice is the centerpiece of this template.   Use of this tool allows for teams to objectively share their observations then initiate a productive conversation regarding UDL. 

This tool can be used after the UDL Learning Walks - Initial tool has been used productively over time.  It can also be used as a stand alone protocol if needed.  the Advanced UDL Learning Walk tool helps teams narrow areas of UDL that are strong or lacking presence.   

This tool asks the observer to identify specific elements contained in the UDL guidelines.  A feedback form to provide the teacher is included.    

While UDL implementation does not consist of a checklist,  UDL in action has readily identifiable items in the classroom.  This tool can be used when attempting to see what UDl guidelines are present in a lesson.   

Use this tool to capture a broad look at the culture of a classroom.  This tool will help guide practical and meaningful discussions among the observers.  

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